• North America Aluminum Industry Plant Directory - 2014
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North America Aluminum Industry Plant Directory - 2014

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  • Listing / Directory / Index by Aluminum Association, 2014
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The North America Aluminum Industry Plant Directory contains information on all aluminum extrusion plants that have been identified in Canada, Mexico and the United States. These listings do NOT include foundries.

Information contained in the Plant Directory is the result of industry surveys and research conducted by the Aluminum Association. The Directory lists these plants, and shows locations, types of products, basic contact information and web sites.

Products include:
  • Primary Aluminum Ingot;
  • Recycled Aluminum Ingot;
  • Master Alloys and Additives;
  • Non-heat Treatable Sheet;
  • Heat Treatable Sheet;
  • Non-heat Treatable Plate;
  • Heat Treatable Plate;
  • Foil;
  • Extruded Products;
  • Drawing Stock;
  • Bare Wire;
  • ACSR and Bare Cable;
  • Insulated/Covered Wire and Cable;
  • Pigments and Powder;
  • Forgings and Impacts

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