• B11 B11.12-2005 (R2015)
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B11 B11.12-2005 (R2015)

  • Machine Tools - Roll Forming and Roll Bending Machines, Safety Requirements for the Construction, Care, and Use of
  • standard by B11 Standards, Inc. (Formerly Listed as The Association for Manufacturing Technology), 05/10/2005
  • Publisher: B11


The requirements of this standard apply to any power-driven metal-forming machine that changes the shape or the direction, or both, of materials by use of rolls, rotary forming dies, and associated tooling.

Excluded from the requirements for this standard are: assel mills; bar mills; bench presses; blooming mills; bulldozers; calendar mills; calendering rolls; compression benders; cross roll straighteners; cutoff and slitting equipment; dedimplers; draw benches; draw benders; entry and exit equipment; extruders; forging presses; forging reducing rolls; four-slide machines; hot bending presses; hot scalping pipe mills; iron workers; merchant mills; pipe benders; plate mills; plug rolling mills; power presses (all types); preliminary and post operations; press brakes; rockrite machines; rotary peeling mills; saws; shears; sheet mills; slab mills; spinning machines; stretch benders; swaging machines; thread rollers; tube benders; uncoilers; welders; wiring machines.

Reaffirmed 17 October 2011

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