• B11 B11.0-2010
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B11 B11.0-2010

  • Safety of Machinery; General Requirements and Risk Assessment
  • standard by B11 Standards, Inc. (Formerly Listed as The Association for Manufacturing Technology), 12/02/2010
  • Publisher: B11


This standard applies to new, modified or rebuilt power driven machines, not portable by hand, used to shape and/or form metal or other materials by cutting, impact, pressure, electrical or other processing techniques, or a combination of these processes.

This can be a single machine, a machine tool or a machine tool system(s).

Informative Note 1: To improve readability, the terms "machine," "machine tool" or "machine tool system(s)" are used interchangeably throughout the document, either in singular or plural form.

Informative Note 2: See 7.15 for a list of example machine tools.

Other industry sectors may benefit from applying this standard. Where a machine-specific standard exists and the requirements of that standard conflict with the requirements in this standard, the requirements of the machine-specific standard shall apply.

Informative Note: For example, ANSI/RIA R15.06 on safety requirements for robots and robotic systems is a "Type-C standard" that would take precedence over the requirements in this standard.

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