• AMCA 11-03 (R2008) (Rev.10/13)
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AMCA 11-03 (R2008) (Rev.10/13)

  • Certified Ratings Program Operating Manual
  • Handbook / Manual / Guide by Air Movement and Control Association, 2013
  • Publisher: AMCA


The purpose of the AMCA International Certified Ratings Program (CRP) is as follows:

To provide the buyer, user and specifier assurance that the manufacturer?s published performance ratings of airsystem components are reliable and accurate, and further, to provide these parties with information on how theproduct was tested, what appurtenances were included, and other pertinent information so that they may be ableto select an air system component that will provide the performance required.

To provide a procedure for verification of the manufacturer?s performance ratings on a regular schedule by checktesting of the certified product line in the AMCA International Laboratory.

This document is to be used in conjunction with companion documents as applicable, such as AMCA publications111, 211, 212, 311, 511, 611, 1011, and all known applicable Certified Ratings Program documents currently inuse, and shall govern the AMCA International Certified Ratings Program.

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